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TIE lab memebers at the Faculty of Education Awards Reception


TIE Lab 2016 Holiday Party


TIE Lab 2016 Holiday Party


TIE Lab escaped the Mad Scientist Room at A/Maze!



Lindsay and Shane meet Sugar Sammy at the Adriano Tassone Memorial Cocktail.



Laser Tag Holiday Party



Laser Tag Holiday Party



TIE Lab 2015 Holiday Sweater




TIE lab members at ECSEPS 2017


TIE Lab members at SCAPPS 2016 in Waterloo, Ontario


TIE lab members at ECSEPS 2016


Emilie Michalovic at the Annual Meeting of the COPD Strategic Group 2016






Samantha Taran at SCAPPS 2015



Emilie Michalovic at SCAPPS 2015



Chelsey Saunders at SCAPPS 2015



Laura Hallward at SCAPPS 2015